WATCH: Bernadette Sembrano an obviously paid journalist by spinning the real words of Pres. Duterte

According to the news report of ABS-CBN that was aired by Bernadette Sembrano, President Duterte literally "belittled" the U.S donations during the Yolanda Typhoon hit and killed more than a thousands in the province of Leyte during November 2013.

Here is the video on how the interview of Aljazeera's reporters was going questioning President Duterte which proving that the President did not "belittled" or in Filipino languange was "minaliit" the help of the U.S aid.

According to the Filipinos online, Bernadette Sembrano was obviously paid by the Lopezes who owned ABS-CBN, they promote the Liberal Party of Mar Roxas who was defeated by Pres. Duterte.
Many says they still can't move on by the election and still in hatred trying to destroy the reputation of the Philippines and the Filipinos which obviously an attitude of losers.

Some says that ABS-CBN maybe related into Narcos whom losing their business due to Duterte's "war on drugs".

As the manipulation of ABS-CBN goes through, many of Filipinos online says they will unfollow the facebook page of the said orgaization that's why you may notice that some of their news appeared to be "sponsored" just to get attention and likes for their page. That's how they work, they use money for everything they want regardless of the truth and the values which many netizens says a "non-filipino" beliefs.

Watch the video:

Source maharlikangpilipino